Umegat is a Roknari divine, scholar, and a saint of the Bastard resident in Cardegoss during the events of The Curse of Chalion. He is head groom to Roya Orico's menagerie, and hosts the miracle of the menagerie that mitigates the effects of the curse of Chalion on Orico. In his youth in the Roknari archipelago where homosexual relationships are regarded by the predominant Quadrene faith as a perversion of the Bastard, Umega fell in love with another young man. Together they planned to escape to Brajar, but Umegat's lover was caught and martyred. Umegat escaped and eventually became a Temple divine of the Bastard. As a young divine, Umega was an assistant Inquirer for the Temple investigating charges of death magic.

Of noble Roknari descent, Umegat is tall but a little stooped, has leathery skin that had been gold but is now faded to ivory, and curly bronze hair going gray.

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