Roya Orico’s menagerie in the Zangre is a collection of animals from many areas which has been in existence for about six years. Orico visits frequently and spends time feeding and currying some of the animals such as the leopard and the bears. The menagerie has been under the charge of the groom Umegat since its beginning, with assistance from other grooms. The menagerie is located outside the walls of the Zangre attached to the stables; quarters for the grooms are above the stabling area for the animals.

The menagerie, through Umegat, hosts a miracle of the Bastard which delays the effects of the curse of Chalion on Orico’s health. Dondo dy Jironal plants the false idea with Royse Teidez that the menagerie is instead a form of Roknari black magic that harms Orico, which leads to Teidez slaughtering all of the animals except one small blue-and-yellow bird.

Animals mentioned are:

  • Leopard
  • Black bears
  • Large “perch bird” that is bright green with a yellow breast and red throat - a former sailor’s bird with a rude vocabulary, brought to the menagerie by Martou dy Jironal
  • Other large brightly colored birds
  • Tiny brightly colored birds
  • Vellas - goat-like animals from beyond the Archipelago
  • Mountain cats with tufted ears from south Chalion, golden colored and one albino with black ear tufts
  • Archipelago sand foxes with large, triangular ears

The crows of the Zangre are not part of the menagerie.