Ingrey studied Jokol once more, considering the nature of a mind that could take his disaster of sunset and transmute it into heoic poetry by midnight. Extemporaneously.
Jokol Skullsplitter is a prince of Arfrastpekka, the southern islands. He travels north to the Weald in search of a divine to bring back to his lands, a condition for his proposed marriage to Breiga. In exchange for the divine, he offers the temple Fafa the ice bear and several large bars of silver. The temple eventually promises to provide the divine in exchange for the silver, as long as Jokol takes back Fafa.

Jokol is a broad-shouldered giant, perhaps in his twenties or early thirties. He has blue eyes and long red hair held in a horsetail by silver clamps. In addition to his native tongue, he can speak Wealdean and some Darthacan, but cannot write, complaining that all feathers break in his hands. Despite appearances, Jokol is a talented bard, having memorized perhaps a hundred epic poems and written many others himself. The Lady of Spring is his patron, and he acts on her behalf during the rite at Bloodfield.

Appearances Edit

The Hallowed Hunt