""It is Sealmaster Hetwar’s steadfast purpose to serve the closest needs of the Weald and its royal house.”"
―Ingrey kin Wolfcliff describes his patron[src]

Sealmaster Lord Hetwar is a political power in the Weald, working on behalf of the hallow king and kin Stagthorne. He conducts diplomatic missions both personally and through his men, and influences the internal politics of the Weald as well. At the time of The Hallowed Hunt, he is working to secure votes from the earl-ordainers and archdivine-ordainers through both persuasion and payments. Hetwar employs Ingrey kin Wolfcliff as a courier, spy, swordsman, and generally as an intimidating force as needed. Gesca is a lieutenant in Hetwar's household troop.

Hetwar is middle-aged, of middle height and build. He is personally austere and has a mild manner that conceals his abilities to control men and events around him. His wife, Lady Hetwar, acts to ensure the behavior and dress of Lord Hetwar's retainers is proper for the household. They have at least three sons.

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The Hallowed Hunt