Desdemona is the name Penric kin Jurald gives to his demon, which is an old and powerful one which has had many riders. Until Penric, all of the riders had been female. In order from most recent, those riders are:

  • Penric kin Jurald
  • Ruchia - sorceress-divine of the Bastard's Order
  • Helvia - physician-surgeon of the Mother’s order in Liest
  • Amberein - physician-surgeon of the Mother’s order in the Temple school in Saone
  • Aulia of Brajar - a good Temple-woman who spoke no Wealdean
  • Umelan - a Roknari
  • Mira of Adria - a famous courtesan
  • Rogaska - a serving-woman in the court of the Duke of Orbas
  • Vasia of Patos in Cedonia
  • Litikone - a goodwife of the Cedonian northern provinces
  • Sugane - a village woman in the mountains
  • a lioness
  • a wild mare