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Curse of Chalion Plot Summary

The Curse of Chalion's Plot Summary is less than half-done, but it's already gotten pretty long. I could trim it down somewhat by removing references to the merchant who did death magic, but much more than that will seriously cut into the meat of the story. I think the later part of the tale will go somewhat faster than the first part, because the infodump part will be reduced, but I haven't even touched the menagerie or Umegat and I'd definitely consider both of them to be crucial to any serious summary.

I figure the "Publisher's Summary" takes care of any need for a very-short summary, but there's a lot of variability available for how much should go into these.

So what do you think? Let it get long, or try to trim it further before it gets very long? (Granted it's easier to remove things than create them, so maybe long is better for a first try...)

KarenHunt (talk) 18:38, June 28, 2015 (UTC)

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I read it over, and I think I'd try to rein it in a bit. At some point, folks should just go read the book.  :)  

Actually I haven't looked at many other plot summaries, but it just seems to be getting beyond that length that most people will read on the web. Either in this pass or in a first major edit after you finish a version in this mode, I'd try to cut the final version down to about the lenght you have now, or a bit shorter.


I'll work on cutting it down, then. It's always a question of which details actually need to be present and which don't in order to produce a coherent synopsis of the tale. Spoilers are inevitable, but they tend to be so widespread in wikis that that isn't a concern.

I've already cut out the merchant (all but one sentence, anyway). I might leave the whole "three deaths" part out, which lets me cut details of his journey....

Thanks for taking a look!

KarenHunt (talk) 10:17, July 1, 2015 (UTC)


I was thinking that you could take the wikipedia approach when things start to get long: break out major topics as separate articles, and then put a link and summary sentence in the main article. 


Because some of the events of Chalion are interesting enough to warrant in depth treatment, but people looking at the main page may only want a quickish overview.

BTW, I'm planning on writing an article on sacred animals and their use in the funerals, and was thinking maybe Cazaril's crow might warrant a brief article too. What can I say, I love animals.

I was also planning on writing something on Caz's path to sainthood and his 'acts'. Not sure though if you're already working on this either in the Chalion or Cazaril articles.


Caz's crow is certainly good for an article.

I'll look over the idea for The Curse of Chalion - I admit it hurts leaving out his conversation with Ista and the "three deaths". I had been thinking of what quotes to put into the article to give it interest, and his unhappiness at not being able to die enough for Chalion seemed excellent (but unexplained if the article is cut short).

Also, I'm fine with you putting an article on Caz's path to sainthood. If it exists, then I'll probably have the book article point at it at a suitable point. (I'm already looking to point to Gods and Demons from the Paladin of Souls book article.


KarenHunt (talk) 20:29, July 2, 2015 (UTC)


What do you think about having a topic named something like 'the Curse on House Chalion'. Because the details matter in both CC and PoS, and the overviews of Ista, Cazaril and probably others.


Meaning a new article? I think that would be useful, and I'd like to link to it from the book article page. We've got a nice basic set of articles for the site, so it's a good time to put "fun articles" (ones like that one) into it. As appropriate, they can be linked to from the front page or from book article pages (or both).

I'm still meditating on the "main topics articles" layout for the plot summary. I think I can make it work as soon as pieces like that article get added to the site. For now, I plan to move on to writing a summary for Paladin of Souls, but I'll certainly be coming back to Curse of Chalion, and if articles like that are available, they'll make a good basis to build a new shape for the summary.


KarenHunt (talk) 11:34, July 5, 2015 (UTC)

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