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Do we want to have someplace for animals? Some of them really stand out, like Demon in Paladin and Fafa the Bear in tHH. Not to mention the menagerie. I can write the article(s) if we can decide if and where they belong.

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The menagerie deserves an article that describes the animals in it, for sure.

I would say that both Fafa and Demon deserve articles, yes. They would be identified in Jokol's and Ista and/or Illvin's articles to hook them up.

(The vorkosigan wikia has an entire category for animals, but unless the upcoming novella has a bunch of them, I'm guessing that'll be a bit overboard for this series.)

Not sure what category (ies) to put the Fafa and Demon articles into. Maybe Weald and Chalion.


I put a mention of Fafa on the Wealdeans page, on the entry for the poor groom that tried to keep Fafa from doing what the Bastard wanted. A link there would be good, too--I also had thought Fafa needed some sort of entry, but was thinking it would be a bit short for a standalone page.  Some pages are that short, though!


If you're doing a Fafa page, Jen, I dug out this ref from Lois for a "behind the scenes" source"

LMB:  No, but from a similar tale about a polar bear brought (by sea! although, indeed, how else) from Greenland as a gift to the King of Norway, as recounted in Richard Fletcher's _The Barbarian Conversion_. He 



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